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Shipping & Returns


We want to make our shipping policy as simple as possible for our customers. The rates listed below are for individuals ordering from our website only and are not for Dealers. The CUSTOMER is responsible for return shipping charges on trial orders, or other returns.

1. All orders are shipped as quickly as possible. Please be mindful that most of our products are handcrafted by Michael or Joel Lomax. As a result we do not have large inventories of our products in stock. Any items that are ready when we receive the order will be shipped within several days. Items that must be crafted by Michael or Joel will take longer to ship. We will contact the customer by e mail if possible to give an estimated shipping date.

2. While we make every effort to ensure that your order arrives, we do lose some packages due to domestic and foreign postal systems. Please understand that we want you to receive YOUR order as much as you want them. - please be patient with us!

3. Due to the insurance of our company, we are REQUIRED to wait 45 days until we issue another dispatch of product. This is not OUR policy, but one that we MUST adopt to ensure our continuing to do business.

4. The only method of shipping that can be tracked INTERNATIONALLY is either Global Express Mail or FED EX. If you require something quickly and efficiently, please select one of these METHODS of shipping. It is the only method that is TOTALLY SAFE!

U.S.A. Shipping: Orders in the Continental U.S.A. will be shipped by either Priority Mail, Express Mail, or FED EX.

  • Priority Mail: Our normal shipping method. 2-4 business day delivery.
  • Express Mail: 1-2 business day delivery.
  • FED EX Express: 1-2 business day delivery.
  • FED EX Ground - 3-5 business days.

    Worldwide Shipping: All global shipments will be by either Global Priority, Global Express Mail, or FED EX.
    Note: The customer is responsible for any customs fees charged by their customs officials.

  • Global Priority: 7-14 business days.
  • Global Express: 5-10 business days.
  • FED EX: 4-7 business days.
    * We recommend you use either Global Express or FED EX. for you global shipping method. These are safer and easier to track.


    1. We offer a trial period of 2 WEEKS on any of our mouthpieces and barrels, with the exception of our EXOTIC WOOD mouthpieces. The items will be shipped to you via your chosen method of delivery. Please note that transportation time to you does count toward the 2 week time period. If you find that you need more time you must contact us by e mail BEFORE the two week period is expired and request additional time. You must indicate when checking out that you would like a trial.

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION CONCERNING YOUR ORDER CHARGES. Sometimes, on your order you will be charged for ALL of the mouthpieces that you have ordered on trial. Since we only charge your credit card at the time we are ready to ship your order, we will ONLY charge your card for (1) of the mouthpieces in the trial plus the trial charge and shipping. We WILL NOT CHARGE your credit Card for ALL of the mouthpieces on trial. HOWEVER, if you pay by PAY PAL, you will be asked for the full payment. We will refund the amount you overpaid on PAY PAL as soon as we receive the unwanted items back. We apologize for this inconvenience.

    The cost of a 2 mouthpiece trial is $10.00, a 3 mouthpiece trial $15.00, And a 4 mouthpiece trial $20.00. This is a NON REFUNDABLE fee that covers our time to clean, and restock the product.
    You may use our RISK FREE TRIAL POLICY to order any of our professional mouthpieces or barrels. IMPORTANT! If you want your order to be a trial order be sure you only check the trial box ONCE when you are selecting the items you wish to try. Checking more than one mouthpiece or barrel for a TRIAL will result in additional charges on your order at checkout. So, for example on a 3 mouthpiece trial only check the 3 mouthpiece trial box for ONE mouthpiece.

    2. Please include a copy of the invoice with your return. If you do not include a copy of the invoice you will be charged a $5.00 research fee.

    3. All items returned from trial MUST be in like new condition. Any mouthpiece with ligature marks, teeth marks, etc. will be considered purchased by you and will be returned to you and your credit card charged. It is the customerís responsibility to provide mouthpiece cushions, tape, etc. when testing, to insure that the mouthpiece is not damaged. NOTE: Inverted style ligatures are the worst culprits for damaging the top surface of the mouthpiece. Be careful!

    4. It is recommended that you use the same type of shipping carton as was used to send you the shipment. Most Post Offices and FED EX agencies provide shipping cartons at no charge. Make sure that you pack the items in a similar way that you received them to insure they are not damaged in shipment.

    5. INSURANCE: You are responsible insuring the return carton. However, you only need to insure the contents for a minimum of $200.00 or half the value of the contents. Whichever is greater.


    Due to the nature of the products we sell all sales are final, with the exception of a mouthpiece or barrel trial. If a product is damaged or defective, it may be returned for replacement or in-shop credit. We will do our very best to remedy any situation, and thank you for your business! If you have a complaint or concern, please use the CONTACT US form located in the the right-hand column.

    THANK YOU! Michael and Joel Lomax

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