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HumidiPro-Oboe/English Horn


For the first time ever you can keep your instrument and your reeds at the perfect humidity they need and deserve! Your very own eco system for your instrument! Adds or subtracts moisture for the perfect humidity. Totally air and water tight! Prevents most cracking and costly repairs! Restores bore and tone holes to original dimensions! Costs less than what you spend on reeds in a year. Perfect for school, the studio, or the touring musician! Eliminates STRESS so your instrument can play its very best! Lifetime warranty on outer case! Exclusive under instrument storage. Optional shoulder strap attaches to case. Dimensions: 19L x 12.5W x 4.5D. Weight: 5.0lbs
HumidiPro Ultra Series Cases
Our Ultra series cases are identical to our standard cases except they have TEMPERATURE control that gently and slowly warms the instrument up to ideal playing temperature. No worries about blowing warm air into a cold instrument! Since the pitch is already up to playing level, no warm up is needed. The case is plugged into a standard wall outlet in your home or studio any time the temperature is below approximately 74 degrees. Over a period of several hours the case will warm the instruments up to playing temperature which is between 78-84 degrees. Unplug the cord, place the cord in the zipper packet on top of the cover and go to the rehearsal or performance. The case will keep the instrument in playing temperature for several hours before needing to be plugged in once more. Ultra cases include a cover with shoulder strap and backpack straps. No need to purchase the optional shoulder strap when ordering the ULTRA version. *HumidiPro is a reg. Trademark, and pat. pending.

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