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HumidiPro-A/Bb/Eb Clarinet Triple


NEW! For the first time ever you can keep your instrument and your reeds at the perfect humidity they need and deserve! Your very own eco system for your instrument! o Adds or subtracts moisture for the perfect humidity. o Totally air and water tight! o Prevents most cracking and costly repairs! o Restores bore and tone holes to original dimensions! o Costs less than what you spend on reeds in a year. o Perfect for school, the studio, or the touring musician! o Eliminates STRESS so your instrument can play its very best! o Lifetime warranty on outer case! Comes with zipper accessory pouch. Dimensions: 19L x 12.5W x 4.5D. Weight: 5.0lbs

HumidiPro-Eb/D/C Clarinet Triple available by special request.
ORDER ULTRA CASES HERE *HumidiPro is a reg. Trademark, and pat. pending.

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