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Coco Bolo Barrels


Coco Bolo Wood Barrels made by Hans Zinner of Germany. We are very proud to be able to offer these great barrels for both the Bb and A Boehm system clarinets. These barrels are designed with a unique double taper design that combines improved 12ths with more blowing freedom. Traditionally the barrels that have been designed to improve the 12ths on the clarinet have also added some unwanted resistance. This is due to the inverted cone or taper that is larger at the top of the barrel and smaller at the bottom. This forces the air column to be "squeezed down" as it moves through the barrel, creating resistance that is felt by the player. By replacing the single reverse taper with a double taper that flairs back out in the lower one third of the barrel bore, most of the added resistance is eliminated, making it possible to have the best of both worlds. Improved 12ths without the added resistance found in other barrels! The Coco Bolo barrels add much warmth and thickness to to sound. Available in 65 - 67mm. $200.00

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