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Repair Shop/Custom Work

The Clarinet Shop

Michael and Joel Lomax have a combined repair experience of over sixty years! Michael was very fortunate to get to study clarinet repair with woodwind repair icon Hans Moening of Philadelphia, in the mid 1960s.

Our Repair Policy

Many shops have set prices for padding, overhauls, and restorations. At LOMAX CLASSIC we believe each instrument sent to us is just as unique as the person who sent it to us. Therefore, we do not have a set charge for the same type of service on each repair. To do so would result in our customer paying for more work than was required at times and us losing money on a repair in another situation. Our repair charges are based solely on our labor charge of $55.00 per hour, and the cost of the parts needed . Once we receive the instrument we will contact the customer by telephone or e mail and discuss the repair needed and the cost involved. No repairs will be performed without prior approval from the customer. Repadding, overhauls, and restorations come with a one year warrantee on all parts and labor.


We are available for custom mouthpiece work as our time permits. Many of our customers interested in custom work try to arrange an appointment with us at our shop. This is obviously the best situation when custom work is involved. However, we have done custom work for our customers in the past successfully without being able to work personally with them. This sometimes involves a more lengthy time frame to get things just the way the person wants them. Our custom work is charged at our usual $55.00 per hour rate.